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Written by Mike Bernstein on Feb. 1 2019
Buying a home can seem daunting; saving money, finding your dream home, and discerning between your needs vs. wants is a tall order. Now let’s face it: your city is a seller’s market, which means.....
Written by Mike Bernstein on Nov. 7th 2018
Not all home shoppers are created equal. In many scenarios, the statistical evidence points towards a smaller down payment as the more financially advantageous options for.....
Written by Greg Davis on Oct. 17th 2018
Let’s face it! Today, most homes are bought by buyers who started their shopping experience online with the likes of Zillow,, and These sites are a great place to start a home search, as they allow you.....
Written by Mike Bernstein on Oct. 12th 2018
Through their VA benefits, all U.S. military members are able to buy a home with $0 money down. 100% financing. No down payment required. Learn how service men & women are eliminating all.....
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